What is Animoto ?
Animoto is a tool to easily create videos from user-uploaded images. Users can select background and audio to go with their images, and Animoto puts the media together into a video to easily share with others.

What is Animoto for Education ?

  • Through signing up for a free account with Animoto, users can create free 30 second videos. For free unlimited length videos, educators can apply for Animoto for Education. Once users apply, it takes a couple weeks to receive confirmation. With this account, teachers and students can create videos that are not limited to 30 seconds.

What are the benefits of Animoto?
  • Animoto does the technical aspect of video creation, leaving students and teachers free to focus on the content
  • Students can demonstrate their knowledge in a way that is of interest to them
  • Teachers can present content in an engaging and creative format
  • Videos are easy to make and use and can be embedded into other sites, e-mailed, or downloaded to a local computer

Animoto Activity
  1. Watch a 60 second video about Animoto.
  2. Go to Animoto . For now, click "Sign-Up" for a free account which will allow you to make a 30 second video. At some point, apply for your Animoto for Education account for videos that are unlimited in length.
  3. Pick one of the following topics:
    1. Civil Rights
    2. Triangles
    3. Dr. Seuss
    4. Weather
    5. OR choose a similar topic which is more closely related to your content area
  4. Find images and/or video clips through an online search engine such as Google or Bing and save these to your computer.
  5. On the Animoto website, click "Create Video". Choose your video style.
  6. Upload the images and/or video clips you have selected to create a 30 second video which introduces your chosen topic to your students.

Be prepared to show your video to others as if your presenting the topic to your students. Think about the following:
  • How would I present this video?
  • What questions (if any) would I ask my students?
  • How would I engage my students to be interested in the video?
  • Where would I go with the topic from here?

Remember, Animoto can also be used to have your students create their own videos. Make sure to check out the link below to see example videos from other students and teachers.

Student and Teacher Examples
Collection of Example Videos